10 Must-Read Horror Comics That Break Genre Norms

October 27, 2021

Horror and comics have been tightly connected ever since the pre-code days of the early 20th century. Loved by readers, but despised by parents the world over, their content was highly censored until the dissolution of the comic code—upon which point all bets were off.

There have been countless definitive horror titles within the comic book medium, but not all have experimented with the tropes of the genre as well as much as others. It takes a lot for a horror title to stand out and do something different in this day and age, but some titles continue to shock and surprise readers to this very day.

9. Shadow Service Mixes Bond-Like Espionage With Occult Horror

Cavan Scott’s recent foray into the clandestine world of supernatural London, Shadow Service, is a spectacular cross between a British spy thriller and Lovecraftian terror that manages to be both refreshing and reminiscent of all the best examples of each genre.

Coupled with the unique artwork of Corin Howell, who gives London and the creatures that dwell below the surface there is a dirty and grimy edge. Vault Comic’s latest horror title gives readers a satisfactory trip into the unknown, while also keeping them guessing at every turn.

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