15 Best Horror Comics You Should Read

October 25, 2021

Things are gonna get creepy.

Comics are having a renaissance. Amid worldwide shutdowns and a devastating pandemic, the comic industry had its most profitable year ever in 2020. Technological devices such as tablets and iPads provide a seamless, transportable reading experience, so it’s no wonder that digital comic sales rose 33% from 2019 to 2020. Along with an increase in comic sales came an increase of two interesting factors: independent comic sale success and an uptick of horror comics publications.

Indie publishers like Vault Comics and AfterShock Comics are voraciously releasing horror comic series. Major publishers Image Comics and DC Comics continue to sell out and reprint issues of their popular horror titles. Archie Comics even created a best-selling horror imprint. The influx of hair-raising comic book options doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. All writers, artists, colourists, and letterers of the comics mentioned in this article work together to create frightening masterpieces. This list of a few of the best horror comics recommendations is guaranteed to convert apprehensive readers into people curious about supernatural literature.

11. The Plot – Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel & Joshua Hixson

Vault Comics dominates the comic market with horror publications. The Plot is only one of the best horror comics Vault has to offer. Titles like The Autumnal, I Walk With Monsters, and Hollow Heart all should be recommended for horror comic buffs. Yet, The Plot makes this list because the comic series boasts powerful storytelling and illustrations so scary your heart will start pounding erratically.

Psychological horror and bog creatures twist a man into their branches of death in The Plot. Growing up in his ancestral home built on an ancient bog pushed one of the children far away from his family and hometown. Now an adult, he is horrified to find out that his brother and sister-in-law were murdered. Given the responsibility of caring for his brother’s children, he moves them into the old home on the family plot. Demons of the past return in physical form, shadows lingering on the comics’ pages. The Plot paints a portrait of mental health, familial ties, the monstrous vegetal as man grapples with mental trauma and ancestral secrets

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