2021 Year in Review: Best Letterer

December 20, 2021

Welcome to the Multiversity Year in Review for 2021! To call this a weird year is a Hulk-sized understatement, but one thing that was a pleasant surprise was the sheer number of interesting and excellent comics that came out this year. We’ve got over 25 categories to get through, so make sure you’re checking out all of the articles by using our 2021 Year in Review tag.

Best Letterer

It’s time to pay tribute to the unsung hero of comics, the letterer. In a lot of ways, letterers are like drummers. They need to be a steady presence that keeps the whole team together, but can often times be overlooked. Through their creativity and reliability, these are the letterers who elevated comics in 2020.

1. Aditya Bidikar

Letterers walk a thin-line in every project they work on, balancing between memorably stylish and distinct captions, or organic and understated text that can match the lines and strokes of the art they’re imposed over. It’s an incredibly daunting struggle for a deceptively simple job. That is, unless you have the sheer knowledge base of Aditya Bidikar, our choice for 2021’s best letterer. Across works like “Future State: Dark Detective,” “The Picture of Everything Else,” “Department of Truth,” and the recent “Radio Apocalypse” Aditya Bidikar has shown remarkable range, consistency, and style, building on well established partnerships, while still building new styles for himself.

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