2021 Year in Review: Best Publisher

December 17, 2021

 Welcome to the Multiversity Year in Review for 2021! To call this a weird year is a Hulk-sized understatement, but one thing that was a pleasant surprise was the sheer number of interesting and excellent comics that came out this year. We’ve got over 25 categories to get through, so make sure you’re checking out all of the articles by using our 2021 Year in Review tag.

Best Publisher

A lot of awards focus on individual creators or series. Sometimes though, it’s cool to zoom out and look at the big picture. You can tell a lot by the quality of books that come out of a particular publisher. And that quality is determined by a lot of decisions made by editors, publishers, and executives. A lot of care goes into those decisions, so every year we celebrate the companies who had the best, most exciting collection of comics overall. These are our top publishers for 2021.

5 (tie). Vault

For the last six years Vault Comics has felt like a publisher willing to throw every idea against the wall to see what sticks. And for the most part, the ideas and creators they unless upon us stick very well. They are the genre publisher to check out. Their goal is to give a place in the market for up and coming writers and artists to create the most imaginative and ground-breaking comics within horror, science fiction, and fantasy, Vault has done just that – and there is hardly a miss in the bunch.

Allowing these creatives to bring forth something new and interesting without the constraints of the corporate-owned big guys, has made for some of the best indie comics to hit shelves recently. With a big push in 2021 with titles like “I Walk With Monsters,” “Hollow Heart,” “Giga,” and more, there hasn’t been a consistently exciting and barrier stretching batch of new work from a smaller publisher since Dark Horse and Image were new on the scene.

Right now they’re putting out a slew of miniseries ranging from good to excellent, but a wider library, including on-going series and original graphic novels, could be the thing that puts Vault over the edge into a household name. Within the last decade there have been a handful of really great exciting indie publishers popping up, but Vault is leading the way. I only hope more comic readers realize the strength of what they’re producing and keep them going strong. – Christopher Egan


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