A blood-sucking western emerges in West of Sundown

February 14, 2022

Eastern European horror meets the Wild West aura in the upcoming creator-owned ongoing series West of Sundown from Vault Comics. Writers Tim Seeley and Aaron Campbell are working with artist Jim Terry are mashing up the Wild West and vampire genres with a story about a vampiress named Constance Der Abend who has fleed her ancestral home in Europe for late 1800s America and found the monster hunters still on her trail, so she goes to reinvent herself off the literal map in a small frontier town called Sangre De Moro.”West of Sundown is about the great mythologies of the old world slamming into the folklore of the new world…the legends of Europe, and the birth of the American beast,” Seeley tells Newsarama. “And, taking that theme as a skeleton, we’ve draped it with the sewed together skin of Sergio Leone Westerns and Hammer Horror films. Gritty sunsets meets foggy nights. The gothic graveyard meets Boot Hill. What horrors lie in our shared unconsciousness, and how do we stuff them all into a too-tight corset?”

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