A Fast & Furious spin on giant robots and kaiju in We Ride Titans


January 11, 2022

Giant robots meet Fast & Furious in the upcoming Vault Comics limited series We Ride Titans. Imagine Pacific Rim-style mechs, but as hot rods with the pilots having  personalities to match, and that’s We Ride Titans.

“I gotta be honest, it’s giant robots vs kaiju. Tres Dean didn’t need to say anything more to have me onboard,” says We Ride Titans artist Sebastián Piriz in a statement. “But then I read the story treatment, and the scripts… it is a great story that will hit home for most of the people.”

We Ride Titans follow a family who operate a giant robot named Nexus in its role as defender of the fictional city known as Hyperion. But the family business is not without family problems, as the lead pilot Dej Hobbs is being dragged down by personal problems, with his father (and the Station Commander of Nexus) Dwayne Hobbs having to balance being a father and a boss. Check out this preview of We Ride Titans #1:

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