A Redbox gets haunted in Deadbox from Mark Russell & Benjamin Tiesma

August 11, 2021

You’ve been there – scanning a streaming service or DVD rental box, looking for something to watch. Along the way you’ll inevitably run across a movie you’ve never heard of – something that feels like a gap in your own memory.

In the upcoming comic book series Deadbox, there’s a whole DVD rental machine full of them in a backwoods town – and it’s full of movies you’ve never heard of, with stories that shockingly know more about the townsfolk’s life – and surprise death – than they do.

This five-issue Deadbox series comes from Mark Russell and Benjamin Tiesma, and is the latest in a growing line of horror comics from the independent publisher Vault Comics.

Check out this 10-page preview of Deadbox #1, with Russell and Tiems joined by colorist Vladimir Popov andletterer Jim Campbell.

View original: https://www.gamesradar.com/deadbox-1-preview-covers/

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