A retired werewolf mob enforcer looks to find a new life for herself in Lunar Room

August 17, 2021

Writer Danny Lore and artist Gio Sposito are mixing werewolves and gangsters in a new SFF series titled Lunar Room from Vault Comics.

Going on sale November 24, Lunar Room is a werewolf story from Lore, an avowed werewolf fan.

Lunar Room started as a conversation with Tim Daniel about why I hadn’t done a werewolf comic,” Lore says, referring to Vault Comics’ executive VP of brand/design. “That conversation created the seed of an idea: how would I get what I love about werewolves into a script that an artist could have fun with, rather than a more internal-sensation based tale.”

Lunar Room stars Cynthia ‘Sin’ Breaker, a retired enforcer for a mob group led by a powerful mage. She’s the tough sort – and that’s before even factoring in that she’s a werewolf. But she’s retired now, and attempting to create a new chapter for her life and put her history behind her.

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