A Word on Horror From Vault Comics Editor-In-Chief Adrian Wassel

October 27, 2021

Adrian Wassel, Editor-In-Chief of Vault Comics writes about his feelings on horror.

Horror was the first genre I fell in love with. When my brother moved away for college, I was only ten, and suddenly I found myself home alone a lot. My mother had remarried, and at her house, our TV had every conceivable channel, including all the channels kids should not watch. So, I watched them.

I’m not sure anyone in my family, even today, appreciates just how many horror films I used to binge as a kid. I was regularly home alone for entire weekend days and evenings after school. Without supervision, I watched it all. The good, the bad, and the utterly depraved. I was eleven, twelve, thirteen, watching Hellraiser, The Howling, Scream, The Fly, Halloween, and so forth.

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