After The End: An Interview With David ‘DB’ Andry

September 29, 2021

In great anticipation of the new and exciting fantasy series from Vault Comics, Eliza sits down with David ‘DB’ Andry, one of the co-writers of End After End!

Last week Vault Comics announced End After End, their first series of 2022! The team behind this new 10-issue series looks really fantastic! They’ve worked on some of our favorite comics, with Resonant’s DB Andry and The Plot’s Tim Daniel on writing, Money Shot’s Kurt Michael Russell on colors, The Autumnal’s Jim Campbell on letters, and Vault newcomer Sunando C. doing illustration! We got a chance to chat with David Andry about Vault’s first isekai, which we’re super hyped about! As usual, our first question was about food.

What is your favorite pandemic snack or comfort food?

Well, considering I’ve eaten it 3 times in the last 4 days I’m going to have to say fried chicken. Actually, if you count nuggets and strips, it’s pretty much every day this last week. Needless to say, since the pandemic started my clothes have gotten tighter and tighter.

What do you want to tell us about End After End?

First of all, I want to tell you to read it! But really, if you liked Resonant or The Plot, Tim and I are bringing the same character focus and heart to this book. Sunando is bringing a grit and realness to fantasy that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before in comics. This is fantasy, but from ground level, not way up in the clouds. Kurt will bring his expected magic and Jim’s letters will elevate the whole thing. This is the first of many projects Tim and I are working on together and I think we’ve elevated each other’s work and I’m really excited for people to check End After End out!

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