After the Final Girl Walks with Monsters, what is Human, Remains – An Interview with SALLY CANTIRINO

September 8, 2021

Sally Cantirino hasn’t had a proper vacation in over two years, and it shows with all of the amazing comic books she has been working on. Jimmy Gaspero was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to her about The Final Girls, I Walk with Monsters, and her newest Vault series, Human Remains

COMIC BOOK YETI: Sally, thank you so much for joining me here in the Yeti Cave. I first wanted to talk to you after reading I Walk With Monsters, but I also just read The Final Girls and the first issue of your newest series Human Remains, which will be in comic shops on September 22, 2021. How have you been doing?

SALLY CANTIRINO: Other than the constant background radiation of anxiety of the last 18 months or so, doing okay! Keeping busy, taking my stupid little daily walks for my stupid little mental health, trying to stay safe, masked and vaxxed.

CBY: Your website says you started making comics after discovering Love and Rockets and Vertigo stuff at your local library (shout out to local libraries everywhere.) Is that where your comic book origin story begins, and have comics been a part of your life since that time?

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