Announcing the 2021 Comics Industry Person of the Year: Judy Hansen

January 7, 2022

Who was the comics industry person of the year for 2021? In the past we’ve seen many creators win – but this year’s winner is someone behind three previous POTY. Someone invisible to the comics reading public but indispensable behind the scenes. In some years, the voting is very close but there was no contest this time.

Judy Hansen is an agent (her company is Hansen Literary Agency) but she’s much more than that. She is someone with a vision for what comics could be…and, more importantly, what a career in comics could be. The fact that comics creators with bestselling series are now making the kind of money that bestselling authors should is very much due to Judy’s hard-nosed negotiation skills…and detailed knowledge of not only publishing but media and readers.


  • Adrian Wassel. As the EiC of Vault Comics, Adrian has been steering this five-year-old publisher into success after success, with no end in sight. With numerous titles from high-profile creators slated to drop in 2022, the company’s market share and street cred are set to shoot into the stratosphere. (Feel free to quote me.)

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