Axe-Drunk Love: An Interview with Michael Moreci of BARBARIC

April 8, 2021

Vault Comics recently announced their new series, BARBARIC, by Michael Moreci, Nathan C. Gooden, Addison Duke, Jim Campbell, Adrian F. Wassell & Tim Daniel. Our contributor, Jimmy Gaspero, is such a huge fan of Vault and Moreci’s work, he jumped at the chance to interview him about Barbaric, The Plot, Wasted Space, and the horror films he’s been watching recently.

Check it out!

*Content Warning: Images of blood and also some mature language.

Jimmy Gaspero: Michael, I wanted to thank you for taking the time for this interview. How have you and your family been doing this past year?
Michael Moreci: You know, hanging in there. There’s no doubt it’s been a grind; I’ve got two young kids, and it’s been tough on them in a lot of ways. But we’ve been trying to make the most of things. All these considered, looking around at how the past twelve months have been, we’ve been lucky, and I’m grateful for that.

JG: BARBARIC was just announced as the story of “a barbarian cursed to do good and his bloodthirsty axe with a drinking problem.” Where did the idea for Owen the Barbarian and Axe come from?

[Read the rest at Comicbookyeti.com]

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