BARBARIC #1 [Advance Review]

June 28, 2021

Owen was a warrior born to travel a red road of blood and thunder. His life was a simple one, devoted to drinking, fighting and wenching – not necessarily in that order. He wanted little and expected less, but he was proud to say he kneeled to no priest, nor king, nor god. That was before the witches came and offered him a choice; accept their curse or be sent to Hell forever!

Now Owen finds himself doubly cursed; first because he may do no harm to others except in self-defense or in the name of good, and then because his axe now speaks and instructs Owen on just what is “good.” And the axe’s definition of “good” does not involve crushing enemies, driving them before you or hearing the lamentations of women, save if those lamentations contain specific requests for help. Thankfully, there is no shortage of evil people whose blood Owen is permitted to shed, but Owen is about to be dragged into another quest by another witch that will leave him wishing he’d just gone to Hell.

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