Barbaric #1 Is Vault’s Most-Ordered Comic Yet, At 35,000 Copies

June 10, 2021

Barbaric #1 sales numbers are in, and it’s turned out to be Vault’s bestselling title yet. Monday was the final order cutoff for the book, and when all was said and done orders jumped over 200%, landing the book at 35,000 copies ordered. Is this Vault’s Something is Killing the Children? This makes Barbaric Michael Moreci’s best-selling creator-owned series to date as he mentioned the other day on Twitter. Moreci promised readers that if Barbaric orders came in above 30,000 he was going to get a tattoo of Axe, Barbaric‘s sentient, drunk, talking axe character. Well, it looks like he’s getting that tattoo. This is also quite a notch in the belt for artist Nathan Gooden, who has been on a bit of a roll himself. Gooden just illustrated Brandon Sanderson’s original graphic novel, Dark One, which launched as the #1 fantasy graphic novel on Amazon, along with a now sold-out Barnes & Noble exclusive. He also illustrates the entire line of Vault Vintage homage covers, and he’s been working on a long-teased upcoming Vault series with Si Spurrier. Barbaric saw a lot of buzz ahead of FOC, garnering praise from the likes of Scott Snyder, Si Spurrier, Matthew Rosenberg, Nicholas Eames, Cavan Scott, and Darick Robertson. Vault Comics have been on a bit of a roll this past year, having become a mainstay on Diamond’s Top 10 publishers list (when they used to do that sort of thing) by consistently launching series over the 30,000 line, like Alex Paknadel & John Le’s Giga and Christopher Cantwell & Adam Gorham’s The Blue Flame. Will Vault’s upcoming series with Cullen Bunn & Leila Leiz, ominously titled The Last Book You’ll Ever Read, be the first to break the 40,000 line for Vault? Or will it be Ram V & Anand RK’s Radio Apocalypse? Time will tell.  Barbaric #1 releases June 30th.

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