Best Comics of 2021 – Ceej Edition

December 24, 2021

Well, it’s nearly the end of the year again (where does the time go?), and with another twelve months in the (comic) books, it’s time for me to take a look back at some of the titles I’ve enjoyed most in 2021.

Let me know whether you agree or disagree with my picks, and feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments section below.


(Michael Moreci, Hayden Sherman, Jason Wordie, Jim Campbell)

With the final issue dropping last month, tying a beautiful bow on Vault Comics’ debauched, evocative and envelope-pushing space opera, there was no way Michael Moreci and Hayden Sherman’s impressive creation wasn’t going to earn its second spot in my ‘Best of the Year’ list.

While I’ve been a massive fan of Michael Moreci for quite some time, the sheer depth of world building and characterization that he achieves here alongside artist Hayden Sherman is, for my money, the best thing he has ever done.  Similarly, this feels like career-best work from Sherman, whose striking and boldly unconventional style fits hand-in-glove alongside Moreci’s plot to deliver an aesthetic and tone that is like nothing else on the shelves.  I’m going to miss Billy, Molly and Dust, that’s for sure.

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