Best Comics of 2021!

December 24, 2021

While historically ‘best of’ lists are best suited at year’s end, the reality is that waiting until then actually leaves some doubt throughout the year itself what is considered great as it’s happening. With that in mind, throughout 2021, I’ll be regularly updating Comic Book Herald’s best comics of 2021 guide, so that the work can function as a check-in for your next series to read, and by year’s end, a summary of everything we recommend.

I Walk With Monsters

Honestly, at a certain point, I’m borderline embarrassed with how many Vault Comics new series launches I want to include on year-end best ofs. I’ve been called a ‘Marvel Shill’ (I wish!), but I have this weird internal resistance to promoting literally everything Vault does as potential year-end best of quality. I’m my own free-thinking pound of beefcake, ya know?

And yet, Vault’s internal quality filter is insanely good, and the reality is the publisher simply knows how to combine some of the best creators in comics with excellent concepts, and in the case of I Walk With Monsters, subtle, twisting horror. I already knew I liked Paul Cornell’s writing an awful lot (what’s up, Captain Britain & MI13!), but Sally Cantirino’s art that completely blows me away, and sells me on yet another Vault book on the best of 2021.


The Blue Flame

One of the hardest creative challenges in 2021 is coming up with a superhero comics concept that stands out from the badly overcrowded pack. With the right blend of Steve Gerber’s Omega The Unknownthe strange adventures of DC’s Adam Strange, and Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormsten’s Black Hammer, that’s just what Christopher Cantwell, Adam Gorham and team have managed to pull off with The Blue Flame via Vault Comics.

The Blue Flame pulls off an impressive, mysterious hybrid of space faring cosmic superhero, and ragtag vigilante amateurs on the streets of Milwaukee, spanning heady topics like mass shootings, depression, addiction, family, and oh by the way, the case for humanity. It’s an ambitious, gorgeous work, and absolutely one of the year’s best.

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