Best Indie Comics of 2021 (So Far)

April 27, 2021

By Zack Quaintance — Before we get into the Best Indie Comics of 2021 proper, first a word about the term, indie comics. It’s pretty inaccurate and poorly-defined most times. Here, however, we are going to use it as a catchall for direct market monthly comics that are not published by DC Comics, Marvel Comics, or Image Comics.

This includes truly independent publishers like Vault Comics (a favorite around here) and AHOY Comics, as well as some larger publishers with (relatively) big structures now behind them, like Dark Horse, BOOM!, and IDW Publishing. The bottom line, though, is these are books that have been or will continue to be must-reads, likely to land in a few months on all the industry lists for the Best Comics of 2021.


Michael Moreci
Nathan Gooden
Publisher: Vault Comics
Most Recent Issue:
Barbaric #1 is due out June 16
Why This Is So Good:
This is one of the rare titles on our list today where the first issue isn’t out yet…but I’ve had a chance to read it in advance, which clued me into this being one of the biggest books of the year. The premise is in line with a few barbarian comics tropes. We have a main character up against basically everything, but he also happens to have a talking axe that gets drunk on the blood of immoral enemies. The book’s writer — Michael Moreci — has long done a great job with hilarious-yet-meaningful character banter in his other Vault Comics title, the space opera Wasted Space, and now on this book he’s teaming with artist Nathan Gooden, one of the publisher’s founders and one of the best artists in all of indie comics. The result is a book I am certain will be a massive breakout hit.

View the full list here: https://www.comicsbookcase.com/updates/best-indie-comics-2021

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