Best New Comics of 2021: Human Target, Radio Apocalypse, and more

January 14, 2022

Our best new comics 2021 list is the return of a feature that we last did in 2019. To be totally honest, I can’t recall why we skipped it last year — it may have just been a bandwidth thing — but this year seemed to very much necessitate its return. The concept here is this is a list of books that had very strong debuts but for whatever reason didn’t seem to be 2021 books, maybe because they only published an issue or two, maybe because essential pieces of their stories are set to be revealed in 2022.

They’re all good though, and worthy of recognition. This list, I should note, is also an early preview of candidates for the best comics of 2022…enjoy!

View original: https://www.comicsbookcase.com/updates/best-new-comics-2021

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