Bloody Disgusting’s Meagan Navarro Reads Off Her List of the 10 Best Horror Books of 2021

December 23, 2021

Much like movies, television, and streaming platforms, 2021 offered a robust year for horror books as well. Graphic novels, novellas, nonfiction, and fiction delivered no shortage of worthwhile reads for the genre fan. So much so that narrowing it down wasn’t easy.

Whether you’re in the mood for supernatural chills or insight into your favorite horror icons or deep cut films, 2021 had it all.

Here are the ten best horror reads of the year.

The Autumnal by Daniel Kraus, illustrated by Chris Shehan, colored by Jason Wordie, and lettered by Jim Campbell

Technically, The Autumnal kicked off its eight-issue run last Halloween season and concluded in April 2021. The entire collection was released in one collectible graphic novel on September 21, 2021. The Autumnal follows Kat Somerville and her daughter, Sybil, as they start anew in the quaint town of Comfort Notch, New Hampshire, following the death of Kat’s mother. The town’s residents are overly generous and welcoming, but they get a little too overzealous about their fall foliage and equinox prep. The folk horror tale unsettles until it explodes in a grim finale.

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