July 28, 2021

Welcome to Comics Wire, SYFY WIRE’s weekly comics column that gets at the pulse of what’s going on in comics right now. We’ve got what you need to know about huge crossovers, real-life issues facing the industry, cool first looks, the week’s hot new comics, and everything in-between.

I’ve written before in this column about the current boom of horror comics we’re enjoying, and I love that each passing month not only bears that out, but gives us more flavors of spooky tales to enjoy across the medium. Right now we’ve got everything from fun creature features to supernatural terrors to vividly imagined mysteries in towns full of secrets. And right now, it’s that latter category I’m especially interested in


The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #1: Horror comics machine Cullen Bunn is back with a new series this week, and thanks to a wonderful collaboration with artist Leila Leiz, it feels like another must-read, even if the title suggests otherwise. The Last Book You’ll Ever Read is the story of an author who’s written a successful book, but that success is catching up to her in the worst way. See, the book seems to be inciting people to random acts of violence, some of them directed at the author herself, and with a major book tour coming up, that’s the kind of thing she’ll need protection from.

Bunn’s script, laced with big questions about the nature of art, humanity, and violence, puts Last Book among his best-written first issues (and that’s saying something), but for me it’s Leiz’s art that really put this one over the top. The most obvious pop culture cousin of this concept is In the Mouth of Madness, but through beautifully executed character design, pacing, and even violence, Leiz makes the book into something that’s hard to compare to another horror story. It simultaneously feels like something that could have been a horror film in the 1940s, or a giallo film in the early 1980s, or something entirely new. It all adds up to a sexy, instantly compelling debut that I can’t wait to revisit.

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