Don’t Miss This: “Hollow Heart” by Paul Allor and Paul Tucker

June 2, 2021

Who’s This By?

“Hollow Heart” is truly a two-man operation, with writing and lettering by Paul Allor (“G.I. Joe,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) and line art and colors by Paul Tucker (“Nobody is in Control,” “Tet”). The book is published by Vault Comics.

What’s This All About?

I’ve been sitting at the computer for 10 minutes, trying to sum up “Hollow Heart” in a way that would make sense. Let’s try this on for size: a shady company has produced an artificial intelligence of some sort out of human body parts and robot parts. He falls in love with a technician who doesn’t just work on him, but also shows him kindness beyond his wildest expectations. But, things aren’t as EL, the creature, thinks they are. Mateo, the tech, is not telling EL the truth, but seems to genuinely care for him. EL seems like he’s falling in love with Mateo, but that can’t be what’s happening, can it?

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