Exclusive Preview: Hollow Heart #1

January 14, 2021

Next month sees the release of a new Vault series, Hollow Heart, written by Paul Allor and illustrated by Paul Tucker. The series, as we noted in our initial coverage, is part of Vault’s ‘Nightfall’ imprint, which focuses on horror stories. Here is how each of the creators described the project:

Paul Allor: “Empathy is a tool and a burden and a gift. When we see someone in a state of joy, we feel our own spirits lifted; and when we see someone in pain, we realize their pain is hurting us, as well.

There are countless stories about people with a pathological lacking in empathy, distorting their view of the people around them. But ‘Hollow Heart’ is about what happens when a largesse of empathy does the same thing.

[Read more at Multiversity…]

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