Exclusive Preview: “Witchblood” #2

April 27, 2021

Last month, we shared an exclusive preview of the debut issue of “Witchblood.” We also reviewed the issue, calling it “a familiar concept with a unique approach executed well.”

Even though it barely feels like it has been a month, and because time is a flat circle, we are back with an exclusive preview of issue #2, due out on April 28th.

Written by Matthew Erman
Illustrated by Lisa Sterle
Colored by Gab Contreras
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Designed by Tim Daniel

Chapter Two: Burnin’ For You!
With Carlos burning, the injured witch Yonna has taken off into the wild deserts of West Texas. Meanwhile, Paxton LaBelle and The Hounds of Love ride to New Madrid in victory, following divination magic to their next target.

View Preview: http://www.multiversitycomics.com/previews/witchblood-2/

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