EXCLUSIVE: Vault announces new fantasy series END AFTER END

September 23, 2021

What happens after we die? Vault Comics is ready to drop their version of the afterlife in End After End. The publisher has announced the new fantasy series co-written by Tim Daniel and David Andry, calling it “Willow meets Saving Private Ryan,” or “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty meets Lord of the Rings.” Art for the series is by Sunando C, colors are from Kurt Michael Russell, and letters are by Jim Campbell. Daniel is also on designs and fans can look for a variant cover by Liana Kangas.

Read the synopsis here:

“Life is nothing if not a series of endings. School. Jobs. Friendships. Love. Until THE end.

Walter Willem’s end was fast and unexpected. His was an unremarkable life. So, how is it that his story continues as cannon fodder in an endless war waged against an insatiable darkness hellbent on consuming all of existence? And is Walter right in believing he’s arrived in the midst of this titanic battle as the one destined to finally end it? That’s the tale of the End After End.”

View original: https://www.comicsbeat.com/exclusive-vault-comics-new-series-end-after-end

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