EXCLUSIVE Vault Preview: Lunar Room #2

January 11, 2022

Courtesy of Vault Comics we have an extended preview of Lunar Room #2, set for release tomorrow January 12th. Written by Danny Lore with art by Gio Sposito, it’s the perfect comic for fans of werewolves.

“Lunar Room started as a conversation with Tim Daniel about why I hadn’t done a werewolf comic. That conversation created the seed of an idea—how would I get what I love about werewolves into a script that an artist could have fun with, rather than a more internal-sensation based tale,” Lore said in a statement sent to AIPT. “That, paired with the best advice I’ve ever been given (“Be less subtle,” as Adrian often reminds me!), gave way to Lunar Room.

“From the genre-mash up to the story structure (chapter-based but not reliant on the issue number) to the very names of our characters (Sin Breaker and Zac Zero!), this is me pushing myself to be wonderfully unsubtle in my style.”

Lore added, “On a deeper level, Lunar Room is also about identity and truth. Many of our characters are struggling with losing their identities, their understanding of the truths they’ve been told, and what to do with that hole in their lives. When their personal senses of power are so tied to their sense of self, can someone take the very core of who they are away, and how can they reclaim it?”

View original: https://aiptcomics.com/2022/01/11/exclusive-vault-preview-lunar-room-2/

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