EXCLUSIVE Vault Preview: The Blue Flame #1

May 10, 2021

The next big superhero story is on the way by month’s end, and he goes by the moniker The Blue Flame. Created by Christopher Cantwell and Adam Gorham, the Blue Flame is a cosmic hero, but also a vigilante. It’s the kind of comic series everyone will be talking about this summer, as I dutifully explained in my advance review. Blending together superhero tropes while alsoplaying against expectations (and yet with them as well — what?!), it’s a complex and hugely entertaining series to be sure.

It’s also a series born out of helplessness, according to Cantwell.

“So far the 21st century has provided some truly intense and infinitely complex tragedy that I believe challenges the very idea of what it means to be human, let alone superhuman. Personally—in the face of so much compounding unprecedented anxiety and strife—I’ve recently been in full retreat mode culturally as an adult. That’s because the truth remains that we are all struggling in a very difficult contemporary reality with all sorts of seemingly insurmountable problems that don’t seem to be easily solved by anything.”

The story was born out of these emotions as well as how superhero comics are a place of solace to escape and grow. From there, Cantwell was off and running.

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