Fallout meets Good Morning Vietnam in Radio Apocalypse

November 15, 2021 

Although civilization is a lot less ‘civilized’ in the upcoming creator-owned series Radio Apocalypse, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for music. Writer Ram V and artist Anand RK have re-teamed for a new creator-owned series with Vault Comics, which centers on the last surviving radio station on Earth after an asteroid strike decimated modern human civilization as we know it.

“Some of my favorite things to do in art is world-building, especially when this world is so similar to ours but just not quite it?” says RK in a press release. “To design specifics of this world, how characters inhabit it, how physics and biology of it work, the culture that shapes it. I find this immensely exciting and satisfying. Radio Apocalypse is one such project and I can’t wait for Ram and me to tell this story.”

Check out a preview of Radio Apocalypse #1 by Ram V, Anand RK, along with colorist Anisha, letterer Aditya Bidikar, and designer Tim Daniel.

View original: https://www.gamesradar.com/radio-apocalypse/

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