Fox and Hare Reclaims Cyberpunk Genre With Asian Representation (Exclusive)

August 18, 2021

Creators Jonathan Tsuei (Sera & The Royal Stars, Run Love Kill) and Stacey Lee (Marvel’s Silk, Unstoppable Wasp, America Chavez) are reclaiming the cyberpunk genre with a dose of Asian representation in Fox and Hare from Vault Comics.

CBR has an exclusive look at Fox and Hare, which stars Aurora Yi as a black market coder who has her world turned upside down when she uncovers data that can tap into citizens’ past lives. When a mega-corporation begins to hunt her down to retrieve this data, Aurora has to turn to the Fox and the Hare, who happen to be a pair of feared mercenaries.

View original: https://www.cbr.com/fox-and-hare-cyberpunk-asian-representation

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