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Halt and Catch Fire creator looks for humanity in the darkness of space with The Blue Flame

March 30, 2021

The enormity of outer space has a way of making anything (and anyone) feel small in comparison. In a way, that’s the story of the upcoming superhero/sci-fi comic book series The Blue Flame.

After showing us the humanity and heartbeat behind circuit boards and data packets in the cult-favorite TV series Halt and Catch Fire, writer/creator Christopher Cantwell is taking his ultra-personal approach to what is presumably cold and alien in this new creator-owned series with artist Adam Gorham.

“The Blue Flame is a cosmic hero. The Blue Flame is a DIY vigilante that fights crime on the streets of Milwaukee. The Blue Flame is a blue-collar HVAC repairman named Sam Brausam,” reads Vault Comics’ description of the first issue. “In the wake of a horrific tragedy, the boundaries of the Blue Flame’s identity blur even further. Now, before a universal trial, the Blue Flame must prove that humanity is worth saving. But in order to do that, Sam Brausam has to save himself. Can he?”

This Brazil-esque take on the outer-space superhero genre is assisted by colorist Kurt Michael Russell and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Here’s a preview of the team’s first issue of Blue Flame.

[Read more at Gamesradar.com]

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