I Walk With Monsters: Paul Cornell and Sally Cantirino Explore the Horror of Trauma

May 26, 2021

Co-created by writer Paul Cornell and artist Sally Cantirino, Vault Comics’ I Walk With Monsters centers its haunting tale on Jacey and her protector David — who sometimes turns into a monster — as they hunt killers. However, when the Politician who took Jacey’s brother returns, Jacey is hell-bent on revenge.

From the creative minds of Cornell and Cantirino, with colors by Dearbhla Kelly, letters by Deron Bennett and designs by Tim Daniel, I Walk With Monsters is a six-issue tale that explores the horrors of trauma and the monsters that lurk inside us all. In an interview with CBR, Cornell and Cantirino discussed their creative process and how they used horror elements to illustrate powerful metaphors.

View original: https://www.cbr.com/interview-paul-cornell-sally-cantirino-i-walk-with-monsters/

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