INTERVIEW: Mark Russell talks creator-owned projects DEADBOX, NOT ALL ROBOTS, and more

October 7, 2021

Mark Russell is branching out. In the past several months the writer has had two new creator-owned titles debut from publishers with whom he’s never worked before. Deadbox, his series with artist Benjamin Tiesa from Vault Comics, follows a college-bound woman named Penny who finds herself having difficulty leaving Lost Turkey, the small town where she grew up, after her father falls ill, and the haunted DVD rental machine that’s the main source of entertainment in the town — and a major source of its problems. For AWA Studios, Russell and Mike Deodato Jr. have teamed for Not All Robots, a satirical series in which humans become reliant on robots for income after artificial intelligence makes humanity obsolete. In addition to those two titles, Russell is also teaming with co-writer Bryce Ingman and artist Peter Krause for My Bad, a new “superhero spoof” series coming later this year from AHOY Comics, for which Russell is writing the adventures of The Chandelier, a hero who wears a chandelier on his head.

The Beat chatted with Mark Russell at last month’s Rose City Comic Con about his numerous creator-owned projects, as well as the upcoming One-Star Squadron series with Steve Lieber for DC Comics.

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