Interview: Michael Moreci Gets Downright ‘Barbaric!’

January 18, 2022

“Owen” may sound like a funny name for a barbarian, but I dare you to say that to his face! And I double dare you to say it to his face when he’s brandishing Axe, his blood-guzzling weapon, of (somewhat) choice.

While you build up the courage to accept my challenge, you might as well know what it is you’re getting yourself into. All can be explained in the pages of Barbaric (AUG212157), Vault Comics’ insane sword-and-sorcery epic. One that promises tons of twisted humor and even more twisted, bloodied corpses.

In the following interview writer Michael Moreci explains exactly why Owen and “Axe” (first and last name) are not be trifled with. Keep scrolling…

Troy-Jeffrey Allen: Catch us up to speed. What is so barbaric about Barbaric?

Michael Moreci: Barbaric is the sweet, tender story of a barbarian named Owen, cursed to do the right thing, and his trusty companion Axe, a bloodthirsty, gets-drunk-on-blood sentient axe. Now swap out the words “tender” and “sweet” for “violent” and “irreverent” and you’re there.

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