INTERVIEW: The creators of WIFWULF discuss their campaign and future home at VAULT

November 11, 2021

Recently Vault Comics announced that it would take on publishing and distribution duties for WifWulf, the original folklore comic by Dailen Ogden, Collin Kelly, andJackson Lanzing (AndWorld is on letters) that was successfully (and quickly!) funded on Kickstarter. The story featuring werewolves, bloody revenge, and deep loneliness will have its crowdfunding version as well as a comic shop and bookstore edition in 2022.

Ogden, Kelly, and Lanzing chatted with The Beat about the book and their new partnership with the publisher.

Deanna Destito: What prompted you to tell this story and in this folklore/myth style?

Dailen Ogden: This is such an interesting question but my answer for it is a bit boring–this is just the kind of work I already love to do! Artistically, I’m drawn to things that feel supernatural, extrasensory. No matter what the setting is, I want to convey the mystery of a world that lurks beyond the image borders, and there’s nothing quite like folklore to make a person feel connected to the wild magic running through all of human experience. It works as the perfect backdrop to tell a story about the things you fear, inside yourself and out.

As for the plot, some of that is prompted directly by lived experience, and in many ways, WIFWULF is the messy, public excision of an old wound.

Jackson Lanzing: This whole story came from a mutual excavation of shame, trauma, and survival mechanisms that we all needed in some way to understand and express. This is not a traditional werewolf tale – a story of the terrifying brutality we’re all capable of in the light of the moon. No, WIFWULF is rather a story that frames the transformation into a beast of the wild as something triumphant and transcendent. That was what brought the Hivemind to the table – an opportunity to look at this iconic “monster” in an entirely new light. As for the aesthetic, Dailen had the original piece of art – an early version of the banner image you can see on our Kickstarter – and it was fundamentally folkloric in its aesthetic and feel. So we just engaged our most mythic brainwaves and started telling a campfire tale that only Dailen could draw.

Collin Kelly: And honestly, we tried to tell the story in a more direct, grounded fashion… but it just felt wrong. This isn’t a history, this is a campfire story wrapped in a legend that is hiding a Truth – which is simply what the story needed to be.

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