Lesbian Viking Comic Heathen Gets An Omnibus, and More, In 2022

September 27, 2021

It seems a bit on the nose to keep referring to Heathen as a “lesbian Viking comic” in headlines but the creator, Natasha Alterici, knows the curiosity it engenders and always does it herself. So in for a penny… the lesbian Viking comic book Heathen, one of Vault Comics’ first big hits in 2017, is to get an Omnibus volume collecting the entire run next year. At the Diamond Retailer Summit held online this weekend, Vault also promised that there would be more to talk about Heathen in 2022. Which means a) a new Heathen series to accompany the Omnibus, following the third series drawn by Ashley A Woods from 2020, but also possibly b) more news on the previously announced movie being developed. And it will all be timed for Vault Comics’ fifth anniversary in 2022. And Diamond’s 40th anniversary as well, come to that.

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