Off Panel #304: Mutiny with Christopher Cantwell

April 26, 2021

In this week’s episode of Off Panel, writer Christopher Cantwell joins to chat about writing comics like Doctor Doom, Iron Man, and the upcoming The Blue Flame at Vault. Cantwell discusses why he decided to get into comics, his starting point for comics and TV, the feedback loop of comics, planning across mediums, how writing comics changed his relationship with them, managing continuity, B-list characters, marrying street level and cosmic, major characters with human issues, the origins of The Blue Flame, the idea of superheroes, the creative team on the book, what he’s learned from his artistic collaborators, and more.

You can find Cantwell on Twitter and his work in Iron Man and the upcoming The Blue Flame.

View Original: https://sktchd.com/podcast/off-panel-304-mutiny-with-christopher-cantwell/


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