Open Up The World’s Most Dangerous Comic In Reveal For Cullen Bunn’s New Series ‘The Last Book You’ll Ever Read’

April 20, 2021

What if there was a book that seemed to unlock the most savage parts of humanity, that seemed to accelerate the collapse of civilization as we know it with every new reader it gained? What if that book was so effective at unleashing this primal sense of violence that you didn’t want anyone close to you reading it? And perhaps more frightening still… what if you wrote it?

Cullen Bunn, the writer behind horror comics hits like Harrow County and The Empty Man, has dreamed all manner of nightmarish concepts in his career, but he’s never done anything quite like his next project. The Last Book You’ll Ever Read is a new Vault Comics series created by Bunn and artist Leila Leiz (Alters, Horde) that explores the questions above — and SYFY WIRE is pleased to reveal a first look at what that means.

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