Peter Milligan and Sally Cantirino delve into ‘Human Remains’

August 26, 2021

If you’re like me, the last 18 months have been one unending barrage of volatile emotions. Whether it’s anger, grief, frustration, sorrow, boredom, or some wacky combination, COVID has been trying for the human psyche across the board. But what if you couldn’t express those emotions — and not just because you’d get kicked out of Safeway.

That very premise is at the heart of Human Remains, a new Vault Comics written by Peter Milligan and with art by Sally Cantirino. (The duo are joined by colorist Dearbhla Kelly and letterer Andworld Design). The series follows a group of people — including lovebirds Dax and Bisa — as they face “new and terrible invader-monsters that deprive us of the very feelings that make us human.” It’s sort of like A Quiet Place meets Doctor Who — only so much better than that descriptor — and it serves as a powerful exploration of how vital emotions regardless of whether the world’s on fire.

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