Piotr Kowalski Replaces Andrea Mutti On Vault Comics’ A Dark Interlude

December 1, 2021

A Dark Interlude was the metafictional sequel to Fearscape published by Vault Comics that has been a little delayed. Issue 1 by Ryan Sullivan and Andrea Mutti was published in November 2020 and issue 2 in December 2020 and then… nothing.

Now it seems A Dark interlude, which has had an interlude of over a year, will return in January 2022. And, as a self-aware comic book will probably comment on the delay, and artist replacement of Piotr Kowalski. And the series will return to a monthly schedule following that

A DARK INTERLUDE, the not-quite-a-sequel to FEARSCAPE, is written by Ryan O’Sullivan, drawn by Piotr Kowalski, colored by Vladimir Popov, lettered by Andworld Design, and designed by Tim Daniel.


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