David M. Booher



When the great folks at Vault asked me to write a bio, I wondered—what do I say when my very first officially published words have appeared in Powerless? I suppose I could mention a few things that led me here—placing in some pretty cool screenplay contests and festivals, and writing a couple of fun films that have yet to see the light of day. Or perhaps I could mention that Vault took a second chance on me to write for their series Alien Bounty Hunter. Maybe I’m safer sharing some Facebook posts where I’m convinced I’m hilarious. Hilarious. Instead, I’ll leave it at this: I’ve been wrestling with this elusive shadow called writing for a decade now, and Vault’s seen something worth bringing into the light. This from a guy who spent his formative years loving 80’s sci-fi and horror in the great city by the lake (Cleveland—I know opinions differ) and who now lives in Los Angeles, spending hours on end in a dark room writing, shut away from his husband and their adopted greyhound. Oh and if I had one super power? The ability to write a perfect bio.

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