The 10 best comics of 2021

December 21, 2021

2021 may not have been the comeback from COVID-19 we were all hoping for when the vaccines first arrived back in spring, but at least the comics industry got up and running again. This year brought many surprising new comics, as well as long-awaited conclusions to longer epics.

Below, listed alphabetically, check out EW’s picks for the 10 best comics of 2021. If you’re surprised to see Far Sector and Strange Adventures missing, that’s because we covered them on last year’s list (and you can read interviews with the creators here and here).

Barbaric (Vault)

Michael Moreci (writer), Nathan Gooden (artist), Addison Duke (colorist)

Violent fantasy is a classic comic book genre; just ask Conan the Barbarian. To make a new mark on that storied history, you’ll need an inventive hook — and the Barbaric creators did just that. Their protagonist, Owen the Barbarian, is as battle-hardened as any pulp warrior…too bad he’s been cursed to only do good. Further complicating Owen’s life is his axe, which not only talks but also thirsts for blood and literally gets drunk on it. These are already rich ingredients for a rip-roaring fantasy story, but add in some witches and you’ll see how Barbaric took only three issues to establish itself as a first-rate comic.

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