The Autumnal is A Comic So Terrifying, Amazon Won’t Market It









September 23, 2021

The collected edition of The Autumnal, from Vault Comics, has a cover so terrifying Amazon is refusing to market it. In a series of Tweets earlier this week, both writer Daniel Kraus and Vault Publisher Damian Wassel confirmed that Amazon was not letting them promote the book, despite being listed on the site. This move effectively kills The Autumnal’s chances of selling well on Amazon.

Vault Comics was founded in 2016 and has established a reputation for publishing ground-breaking and challenging comics, by both established and up-and-coming talent. Vault’s offerings range from quirky superheroes, such as The Blue Flame, to horror titles such as I Walk With Monsters. In late 2020, Vault began publishing The Autumnal, an eight-issue mini-series written by Daniel Kraus, with art by Chris Shehan, colors by Jason Wordie, and letters by Jim Campbell. The Autumnal was highly acclaimed by critics, and earlier this week, Vault released the collected edition for sale in print and digital formats; while the trade is available for sale at all major retailers, both Vault’s Publisher and writer Kraus have admitted to problems with the book on Amazon.

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A message from author Daniel Kraus

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