The Best Comic Books & Graphic Novels of 2021 (So Far)

July 13, 2021

Comics are unquestionably unique. The interplay of art and words—as well as its particular audience and the serial medium used by many creators—allows for stories that don’t exist anywhere else, even if those stories are increasingly being adapted for film and TV.

Last year was a weird year for comics (and every other damn thing). Conventions were canceled. Local shops that serve as a hub for comics communities shuttered or moved to curbside pickup. Fewer comics were released due to the pandemic and an abrupt halt to distribution for many publishers in March. If all of that threw you off your normal comic-book-reading, there are a lot of outstanding releases already in 2021 to welcome back your reading habit.

Throughout the year, this list will be updated to include some of the best comic book and graphic novel releases of 2021. It should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: Any best-of-the-year list, whether it openly addresses the issue or not, is subjective. This list is absolutely that, and evolving, with hopes to include a wide range of publishers, as well as floppies and graphic novels, one-shots, and ongoing series. It’ll be updated regularly, with more comics added as they’re released or complete an arc. The year is already shaping up pretty wonderfully with exciting stories about alien outsiders trying to find their place on a new planet, radioactive vigilantes, hardboiled detectives, shapeshifting humans, and modernized fantasy folktales. Here are the best comic books and graphic novels to be released so far this year.

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