The best comics from July: Hellboy returns, the X-Men relaunch, and more

August 3, 2021

Hey there, true believers! I apologize if you missed our regular comics column at the beginning of July. We’re gonna try and change things up a bit: Instead of doing a monthly roundup of upcoming comics, we’re gonna reorient this column to review the highlights once people have gotten a chance to read them.

Here goes nothing!

Barbaric #2 (Vault Comics)

Michael Moreci (writer), Dwight Gooden (artist), Addison Duke (colorist)

We missed calling out the debut of this rocking new fantasy comic last month, but it’s not too late to catch up. The first issue of Barbaric introduced us to Owen the barbarian, whose rough and rowdy ways are constantly at odds with a curse that compels him to “always do the right thing,” and his Axe — capital A because it’s a character, a blade with a face that gets drunk off blood. That’s already an incredible premise, well executed by Moreci’s writing and Gooden’s art, but issue #2 expands this universe even further. We get to meet Soren, a female sorcerer who Owen saved from being burned at the stake last issue, who now introduces us to this world’s version of magic. The flashbacks to the difficulties Soren faced as a young witch growing up in a medieval world add some pathos to the cranky comedy and blood-squirting violence of Owen and Axe, and she eventually creates a fun cliffhanger ending for the issue.

It will be interesting to see what other aspects of fantasy storytelling Barbaric moves into as it continues. Right now we’ve got a barbarian and a sorcerer; might we see a full Dungeons & Dragons-worthy party at some point?

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