The Best Comics of 2021

December 31, 2021

Last year, we said “…every work of art made in [2020] is a small miracle. Every comic creator who put irons in the fire in a year that certainly didn’t lack fires deserves gratitude and commendation.” That’s no less true in 2021, a year where days felt like months and each month somehow also passed like a half an hour. Creators who put themselves out there this year did so with even greater precarity and more than a dash of shattered hope. But they helped us get through it all, and we should be immensely grateful.

If you, like us, are having trouble processing EVERYTHING that happened in the last twelve months, we’ve got some help for you! We read a ton of fantastic comics, and narrowed it down with the help of our illustrious readers into 20 books that we enjoyed the most.

17. Hollow Heart (Vault Comics)

Paul Allor (W), Paul Tucker (A)

Hollow Heart is the story of a profoundly unhealthy romantic relationship starring a sad sack government research technician and the mech-wearing Frankenstein’s monster he falls for-slash-experiments on. What a sentence to write. I love comics.

Allor and Tucker’s story is a horror book, but the horror doesn’t stem from the setting or the monster or any of the gory attacks that happen through the book’s six issues. Its horror is the reader feeling what’s inflicted on El, a quiet soul held captive by the government and taken advantage of by Mateo. Tucker’s art is outstanding across the board, but excels in coloring choices, and on El’s face, showing heartbreak with very subtle changes in expression. Allor bought a ton of goodwill with his outstanding run on G. I. Joe. With Hollow Heart, he jumped up to “buy on sight.”  JD

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