The Blue Flame Preview Asks if Heroes Are Still Relevant

May 11, 2021

A special preview for the upcoming Vault series The Blue Flame asks the question: are superheroes still relevant? Writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Adam Gorham will explore this theme in the new book, with the first issue available in print and digital May 26.

This question has been explored in various comics over the years, including Watchmen, Squadron Supreme, and The Authority, among others. These titles invited readers to consider how superheroes might actually affect the real world at large. In Watchmen, Doctor Manhattan helped the United States win the Vietnam War. The Squadron Supreme attempted to roll out a program to turn their world into a utopia, with disastrous results. Today, with the planet seemingly on the brink of chaos – between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, political strife, and countless other societal issues – how might superheroes react to such a world? Could it eventually overwhelm even them?

View original: https://screenrant.com/blue-flame-vault-comics-preview-christopher-cantwell/

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