The Making of a Comic: ‘End After End’ by DB Andry, Tim Daniel, and Sunando C.

December 16, 2021

Welcome back, dear friends, to The Making of a Comic. This week, creators David “DB” Andry, Tim Daniel, and Sunando C. are joining me to discuss their upcoming fantasy series END AFTER END, published by Vault Comics. Tim even made a special header for this humble newsletter which I am honored to showcase and break my formatting for because look how awesome it is! Okay, back to the book at hand…

END AFTER END has been described as “Willow meets Saving Private Ryan,” or “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty meets Lord of the Rings.” As a huge fan of both Willow and The Lord of the Rings, I was immediately hooked, and then considering the war drama Saving Private Ryan, color me intrigued. Here they are to tell you all about it!

Brittany Matter: Tell us a little bit about END AFTER END.

David Andry: End After End is a story that came from feeling powerless to change the world around us. Our main character, Walt, shows up in the End After End following his untimely demise in the ‘real’ world and he finds himself thrust into the middle of an endless war. He doesn’t know what’s going on, he just has to try to survive long enough to figure stuff out. For me, it definitely mirrors some of my frustration with many things going on in society today. Walt almost gets a ‘do-over’ in the End After End. A chance to be the hero he wasn’t in his earthly life.

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