The Plot

October 27, 2021

“In Order to Receive… First You Must Give.”

Today is the finale of GateSlashers, which features my favorite comic of all time, The Plot. A story about a family that must face it’s monsters, to change a pattern of generational trauma that is sunk into the very ground beneath the family’s home. The story was co-written by Tim Daniel and Michael Morecei with art by Joshua Hixson, colors by Jordan Boyd and Kurt Michael Russel, and letters by Jim Campbell.

To say I talk about this comic a lot is an understatement. This book came to me during a time where I was working to finally face my own monsters, my own mental illness. I was working to unpack things handed down to me from generations of people before me.

But most of all, I was working on the inability to face the things that scared me and make the changes I needed before I was pulled down into the bog that the Blaine family is all too familiar with in the story. This story showed me strength I didn’t know I had, taught me lessons I needed to learn, and has rooted it’s way into my heart forever. Good art has a way of changing you. Art can inspire people in ways they could never even imagine when it finds you at the right time.

View original: https://gatecrashers.fan/2021/10/27/the-plot

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