The RUSH Interview: Si Spurrier Teaches About Sandwiches and the Gold Rush

October 14, 2021

We chat with Si Spurrier about his new Vault Comics release, The Rush.

1. As a fan and a GateCrasher, we pride ourselves on asking thoughtful questions, so here’s a question that we ask everyone as we consider it to be a crucial one in understanding the people we interview: what is your favorite sandwich?

Believe it or not, I live a few miles along the coast from theSandwich. The town. As in, the Earl Of Sandwich. As in, the 16th-century aristocrat with a penchant for beef and bread, after whom all our modern filled baps, burgers, buns, and bagels are supposedly named.

See how effortlessly I crush your kooky question with the firm, thrusting jackhammer of HISTORY? I’m here to upsell my elaborately researched period horror comic, damn you, and I will not be diverted.

(Sandwich is a lovely little coastal town, for what it’s worth, with barely any monsters or ghosts or undead cowboys at all. Quintessentially Olde English, its charms are marred only slightly by a solid wall of golf courses enclosing it like an over-privileged castle wall, and an uncomfortably high quotient of refugee-hating gammony Brexiteers. Ironically, in Sandwich there are very few good places that sell, y’know, sandwiches.)

I am fond of a Reuben.

2. Was there anything about the Gold Rush that made you think that it felt uniquely American?


I mean… I should probably point out that the Yukon rush — this mind-shattering stampede of several hundred thousand people at the ass-end of the 19th century, who endured the most extraordinary horror and hardship on their way to disappointment and despair among the frozen placer-claims along the Klondike, around which The Rush is based — happened almost entirely within the borders of Canada.

So… there’s that.

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