The Truth Comes out in Vault’s Giga #4

June 23, 2021

[SPOILERS ahead]

Finally reunited with Evan, Aiko reveals a secret that will shake the city to its foundations. Meanwhile, the Order’s persecution of the Dusters passes a bloody point of no return. Allegiances switch and battle lines are drawn as the terrible truth of the Giga’s origins is finally revealed. It’s Giga #4, written by Alex Paknadel, drawn by John Le, colored by Rosh and lettered by Aditya Bidikar.

Ian Gregory: Things are coming to a head this week in Giga. A head like, the head of a giant robot. They’re in the head of – never mind. Zach, as is tradition, do you have a personal anecdote to start off our discussion?

Zach Rabiroff: Why, Ian, if you’re going to make puns like that, folks are going to think you’re making a real heel turn. A heel … because … anyway, funny you should ask about that personal anecdote, though, because: I believed in God when I was a kid. That’s not to imply that I don’t believe in God now; I do, but the road from there to here isn’t as smooth as that statement implies. It’s funny, I suppose, because I was never raised in anything like a particularly religious household, even though my mother is actual clergy. We celebrated holidays, we had shabbes dinner with my grandparents and said the brokhe, and otherwise we kids were left to our own theological devices to read and decide for ourselves. And for my first nine years or so, that seemed unproblematic.

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